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JacobMerge branch 'master' into JacobJacob3 years
WIP-demo_changesWIP-Changes made for demo, should be reviewed and merged as needed.Tucker Evans3 years
chrisundercofferimport { Component } from '@angular/core';Jacob3 years
masterMerge pull request #30 from tuckerevans/recipe_card_cssgatelyjm3 years
test-mainMerge branch 'master' into main-page-in-progressTucker Evans3 years
backend-v2.0commit b402ebba4f...Tucker Evans3 years
backend-v1.0commit 445816bc37...Tucker Evans3 years
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2019-12-14Merge pull request #30 from tuckerevans/recipe_card_cssHEADmastergatelyjm
2019-12-14Fix recipe cards are now three wide w/ max widthTucker Evans
2019-12-14Fix changes made for demoTucker Evans
2019-12-12Merge pull request #29 from tuckerevans/fixed-editTucker Evans
2019-12-12fixed stuffschencej
2019-12-12Merge pull request #28 from tuckerevans/elimTucker Evans
2019-12-12Merge pull request #27 from tuckerevans/cart_update_ingredientsschencej
2019-12-12Merge pull request #26 from tuckerevans/edit_pass_recipeschencej
2019-12-12added main pageschencej
2019-12-12Fix Ingredients can now be removed from cartTucker Evans